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Karolina Rychter
Managing partnerTax advisor
Manages finances and expertise – due diligence, TP, CIT, PIT. Participates in Transfer Pricing Forum and in the advisory team to the Minister of Finance.
Magdalena Raniszewska
Managing partnerAttorney-at-law
She combines the world of law and technology, focusing her professional activity on serving technology companies. She supports Management Boards in making legally safe decisions, as well as in implementing the necessary procedures to ensure compliance with applicable regulations.
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    • Maria Chmielewska Trainee Attorney-at-law
    • Karolina Gałka Attorney at law
    • Maja Góral Attorney at law
    • Daria Lehmann Tax Advisor
    • Oktawia Ostrowska Senior Lawyer
    • Maria Owczarska Tax Advisor
    • Jolanta Sasin Office Administrator
    • Martyna Trojan Senior Tax Consultant